I was born and raised in the Midwest by a family that embraces creativity, having fun, and working hard. I started my first job pollinating corn when I was 15, and in retrospect it’s made every job since then seem pretty good. I’ve been a camp counselor, fabric store retail associate, photography assistant, bartender, assistant gardener, and barista. When I was a kid my dad bought me the first Wacom tablet on the market and sparked my interest in graphic design. Since then, I haven’t changed course. I studied  at the University of Illinois and received my BFA in graphic design in 2008.

Two weeks later, I moved to Washington, DC where I started my first graphic design job at the Center for American Progress. I enjoyed the excitement of living on the east coast, and was at the center of the action for the election of President Obama. But after three and a half years, I was ready to get back to my Midwest roots. I moved to Kansas City, Missouri in 2011 with my now husband and Redbone Coonhound. Since then, we’ve acquired a couple more dogs, had a couple of kids, and are now happily settled in the Volker neighborhood. With my husband’s encouragement, I began freelancing full-time in 2013 and haven’t looked back. I love what I do for a living and my passion is helping others find creative solutions to each unique design challenge they present.

When I’m not working on freelance projects, it’s unlikely that you’ll find me sitting still. A few of my hobbies include sewing, volunteering with Missouri Pit Bull Rescue, taking family road trips, camping, gardening, exploring Kansas City, and best of all spending time with my family and friends.