It was finally time to put my 2007 website to rest. Since creating that website, I moved to Washington, DC, worked at an exciting think tank where I learned the ropes of publication design and print production, met a guy at a party, moved to Kansas City with said guy, transitioned to freelancing full-time, bought a house, acquired some dogs, worked with some incredible clients, and had a baby. Whew!

There’s always something more important than maintaining your online presence when you have paying client work, amazing Pro bono projects for people (and pit bulls) who need good design, an active social life, and a handful of hobbies. That is, until someone asks for your business card or web address and you cringe, make excuses, do that for several years, and finally give in.

Over the last five years, I’ve created websites using Squarespace and Wix but wasn’t 100% sold on that platform for myself. Then my brother sent me a link to the Divi theme on WordPress with an integrated visual builder. Sold!

Who else has personal website woes to share? Are you in the same boat of needing to update an ancient website? Or have you recently updated? What platforms did you use, love, or hate?

I’m psyched to have this mammoth task finally crossed off of my list. Next up: order some fresh business card from Moo.